Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bus ride Photos

Random pics. The Church of Spilt Blood, St. Isaac's Catherdal (Golden dome church), Subway and Tepemok (Two of our favorite restaurants). Tepemok (pronounced Taramok) makes meat and dessert dishes using handmade crepe's. Very yummy. We don't eat out too much, Joe loves to cook so we normally eat at home. I took a picture of Subway to show how it's spelled in Russian.

Outdoor Christmas Village

Very, very cold day. A lot of handmade items for sale. Outdoor ice skating rink and live Christmas trees for sale. There was a little outdoor carnival with kiddie rides. Quite fun.

December Photos

Joe and I coming home from a very cold shopping day
Our District photo in our apartment before transfers
Joe and I with Elder Pitcher before he went home
Another Senior Couple the Drennans who serve in Kalingrad
Jeanie with Sister Clements (serves with her husband as CES)

Mission President Photos

Joe and I with Mission President Podvodov and his wife. Office Elders and Office Assistants with the mission president and wife. The elders we work with in the office work very hard and are a pleasure to serve with. We love them dearly. (Photo order) - Elders Wignall, Hepler (AP's) and Elders Lindsay & Clark (office elders). Elders Clark and Wignall have since been transferred to other areas.

Random Photos of December

The snowman was made by someone living in our apartment building (cute little Irish green hat!) The picture with the red neon sign in the background is the Neva river frozen over. Joe walking next door to the office and Joe standing in front of the office door.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hello Family & Friends

Joe and I are doing well. The weather has turned very cold and has brought St. Petersburg snow. The Neva river that flows in front of our apartments now carry large chunks of ice. We count our blessings everyday which include living right next to the mission office we serve at so we don't have to walk to long in the cold bitter wind.

Packages are coming into the mission office for the missionaries from home. We are all excited to open them on Christmas. Several parents from America have sent packages to the Russian missionaries that wouldn't otherwise have Christmas gifts. Plans are in the works for a nice Christmas meal at our next zone conference with a White Elephant exchange and special Christmas messages.

Our days are pretty routine now with working in the office and settling in each night in our warm apartment. Not too many adventures planned until the weather warms up.

We wish eveyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.