Monday, February 28, 2011

Comedy Play of the Prince and the Pauper

President Podvodov paid for all the missionaries to attend a play February 23. It was a reward for working so hard last year in having over double the baptisms from 2009.

Masha and Jann Wedding

We attended another Russian wedding of friends of ours. It's a beautiful wedding palace.
I still get a sense of being back in time when we are in these buildings.

Joe loves to cook and has made a small cookbook that he shares with the missionaries. They usually always call him for cooking advice.
Here are some fun "food art" he creates for our breakfast.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Photos

We are standing at a trolley-bus stop. This was taken behind our apartments (you can see the top of the blue building in the background is where we live).

This is the pile of snow you see around most of the city and the iced walkways we navigate on most of the areas we go to.

This picture of an Orthodox Church in a small town called Sestoretsk. There is a wall just to the right that has names of many people died throughout the invasion of Germany
When we were walking from the Church building to Elder Haggard and Elder Shrader's apartment we walked over this bridge. It was really neat seeing the evaporation of the water into the cold air

Me standing in front of the gate going into the Sestoretsk branch building

Joe on his way into the Sestoretsk branch building

Crossing the bridge from Estonia back into Russia

Elders that go with us on our visa trips.
Me and Joe, Elder Haggard, Elder Poulson, Elder Nielsen. (Elder Punderson is taking the picture)
Shopping day below. This new mall opened last November called the Galleria (Галлеря)
Sister Hazlewood and Sister McArthur and I really enjoy this mall that reminds us of one in America

Here are photos of a spectacular outdoor lightshow we watched in January in the open square at the Hermitage.

Famous shopping mall - the Govstny Divor

Outdoor lights on Nevsky Prospekt

Outdoor Christmas Village

Street lights on Nevsky Prospekt

Gostiny Divor