Sunday, April 10, 2011

March 19 Winter Woods Walk-About

Joe and I went to Svetlana's home outside the city for what ended up being a 2 hour walk through the woods. Svetlana is our yoga/exercise instructor. Every winter she invites her friends to come and exercise outdoors. We traveled a snowy path towards the gulf of Finland. Afterwards we partook of delicious Russian food. Svetlana made homemade mushroom soup that had potatoes and vegetables with the mushrooms. Included with the meal was homemade fruit drink from fruit she preserves from their garden every year. Also, was "pizza bread" and fresh fruits and vegetables. We all had a lot of fun.

Svetlana's home

Elder Hazlewood

Joe, Svetlana and their dog

Along the trail

The feast with friends

Svetlana and her husband Sasha

Train stop for Svetlana's home town

All the girls

Petrozavodsk Train Trip

Train Conductor panel Train platform

Old train on display at the station

March 27 Joe and I traveled to Petrozavodsk which involved an all night train ride (9 hours). The train ride was quite an adventure. Not only was it our first train ride, but it also involved sleeping on it. (The trains are electric). When boarding the train we both commented that with the age of the decoration and train we expected to see Dr. Zhivago :) One missionary commented his train ride reminded him of a Harry Potter train. It still amazes us that despite the age of the public transportation the Russian people sure know how to keep everything operating quite efficiently. Isleway - sleeper car doors on the right Hot water heater for morning herbal tea or coffee. One of the beds

Bathroom sink

Exterior of train

Joe trying on Elder Haggard's Russian hat

Views from the balacony of our hotel room. This city has quite the seaport. During the times of the year when this lake isn't frozen over it's used for large ships to dock and load/unload goods.

Elder Christopher Andersen and Elder Victor Braginetts who served in the city. March 30 Elder Braginetts went home but Elder Andersen has stayed with a new companion, Elder Steven Freestone.

Sasha from the branch met us and walked us through the woods to feed the squirrels. However, it was too late in the day and the squirrels had gone to bed. It was a nice walk though through the snowy woods.

Branch members

On our walk home from the woods we saw Elvis! (This is the 3rd Elvis restaurant we have seen depicting a rock and roll cafe.