Thursday, July 22, 2010

Okhtinsky Picnic

We had a lot of fun playing games and celebrating with branch members and missionaries. We had relay races which consisted of 3-legged race, human wheelbarrow, walking with a spoon in your mouth holding a ping pong ball, then your team standing in line with cups of water and passing them over your head to the person behind you to fill their cup until it reaches the end and you see how many cups of water you can fill before the other team in a specific time period. Joe's team won (they were called The Moon's and we were called the Ninja's). Joe's team also won the tug-o-war game.
We also played frisbee, soccer and water balloon toss.
The food was good. No picnic tables in the parks though so they lay out plastic table cloths on the ground surrounded by thin cushioned pads for people to sit on.
The weather was so cooperative! It had been in the 90s the entire week prior to the picnic and on the day of the picnic it was overcast all day and in the mid 70s with a wonderful cool breeze. The week following the picnic it went back to very hot weather. We all felt it was an answer to our prayers to have the weather be cooler. We were able to be outside without the sun beating down on us and enjoy a cool breeze as well.
The park was about an hour ride taking the underground subway. We switched to two different lines. There are 5 different tunnels (or lines) that you take to get to various parts of the city and outside the city.

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  1. This reminds me of the good old Sunday School Picnics of my youth! What great FUN! Thanks for sharing these great smiles with us!