Sunday, August 22, 2010

Visit Inside Church on Spilled Blood

Joe and I toured inside the church this Saturday with the Hazlewoods. It was very beautiful inside.
This church (although named as a church but was never used as a worship facility) is also known as Resurrection Church of Our Saviour. It was built on the spot where Tsar Alexander II was assissinated on March 1, 1881.
Alexander III wanted a permanent memorial for Alexander II and had this church built. There are more than 20 types of minerals that was used inside to create the mosiac pictures depicting scenes from the New Testament. Materials used inside are jasper, rhodonite, porphyry and italian marble. After 20 years of restoration the interior was reopened in 1998.

A few facts about the exterior: Jeweller's enamel was used to cover the 10,760 sq. ft. surface of the five domes. The window frames are made of Estonian marble. A little over 75,000 sq. ft of mosaics embellish the church's exterior.

Full view of the exterior of the church (in winter time).

The Spot where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated

Looking up inside one of the domes

All the walls lead up to curved ceiling and domes.

Looking up inside another dome

Each pillar has a mosaic of Christ's disicples.

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