Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8, 2009

We have had an amazing week here at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah!

We arrived Monday, August 3, 2009. We arrived 15 minutes late for our first class (due in part that our mission departure date moved from October to August and the flights available brought us to Provo later in the day for check in). We had a busy first day unpacking, attending classes and meeting other senior missionaries.

Tuesday night we heard from Provo Temple President Merrill J. Bateman at a devotional. Prior to his address approximately 3,500 missionaries sang the hymn “Because I Have Been Given Much.” It was as if this hymn was intended just for us. We could not contain our tears. This hymn depicts the need to give to others what we have been blessed with by the Lord.

Wednesday President Ed J. Pinegar affirmed to us that we as Senior Missionaries were “living” the Law of Consecration. He spoke of the need for more senior missionaries.

Thursday Brother & Sister Tree, a senior couple, addressed us. This sweet couple had recently returned from their fourth mission together. It was with sadness that he said it would be their last. He was being retired due to his age. He is 78 and his wife 76. They had only been home 6 months from their third mission when they were called on their fourth mission. She suffered a stroke just prior to their departure. Four months after her stroke they left for their mission to Fiji.

There are 36 couples and five sisters in our group. For some in our group it is their second, third, and even fourth missions. The group is being assigned to all the corners of the world; Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Philippines, Cyprus, Italy, Fiji, New Zealand, Finland, and of course, Russia. Some were staying in the U.S. with assignments to Temple Square, Nauvoo, Washington D.C., the church genealogy center, Megan, Georgia, and Lubbock, Texas

Today at the Provo temple we worked in a sealing session. The sealer had served six missions.

We cannot express in word the joy and love we have for Jesus Christ and our gratitude to Him to enable us to serve a mission in Russia.

We have experienced such a wonderful time this past week and have been overwhelmed by the Spirit despite our 15 hour days. We are grateful to be serving the Lord and ask for your continued prayers.

P.S. We spoke to two elders this evening that are studying Russian. They are two of a hundred missionaries that will enter the field the end of this month. Another 60 will be arriving next week to begin their preparations for serving in Russia. We will indeed be busy.


  1. Nobody could ask for better parents, and footsteps to follow.

  2. What about the Wednesday Sundae lunch and dinner at the MTC. Surely, you had to try that out just one time?