Monday, August 17, 2009


Yahoooooo! We are off to Russia Tuesday afternoon. We fly from Salt Lake City to Denver at 1:28 p.m.; Denver to Frankfurt, Germany 6 p.m.; Frankfurt to St. Petersburg at 2 p.m. arriving at 6:40 p.m. Wednesday in St. Petersburg. We've packed and ready to go!!

We had lunch with a senior couple today that served with the Herr's (senior couple we are replacing). They just had lunch with them this past Saturday and discussing Joe and I in replacing them in St. Petersburg. The couple just arrived in the MTC today to go out as humanitarians in another country. They've been home from their St. Petersburg mission for a year.

They served with the Herr's during the 18 months they served in St. Petersburg. We thought it remarkable that with over 2400 missionaries in the MTC they arrive today and just happen to sit next to us at lunch! We learned a lot about what the city is like and the work the Herr's did in the office. It sounds like I won't be seeing much of Joe - Elder Herr worked late each day and most Saturdays. Since Joe will be overseeing financing ... I'll just see how much I can contribute to make things speed along!!

We'll let everyone know of our safe arrival when we get set up.

Love all,
Joe and Jeanie

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