Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hello Family & Friends

Joe and I have been pretty busy working in the mission office fulfilling our daily duties of supporting the missionaries and keeping the office organized. Joe has been busy with changes in financing operations and I've been organizing my tasks in a more efficient way (we both are thankful for spreadsheets!)

The past two Fridays we've helped rake leaves and cleanup the grounds at a local orphanage. Last Friday was bitter cold, but we finished up at 8:30 pm and they served cookies with warm water. One of the brothers put jam in the hot water, stirred and served to Joe and I. I've never had jam tea, but it's a tradition here and it was actually really good.

They don't celebrate Halloween here (or Thanksgiving or much of a traditional Christmas) but after attending a party for missionaries and other young adults we arrived home to have two "trick-or-treaters." Two of the office missionaries were at the door to our apartment with homemade root beer and chocolate pudding. We invited them to the apartment where we had Snickers and Mars bars waiting for their treat and Joe served them warm homemade chicken w/rice soup (one of his specialities). Then the other two office elders arrived to receive their treat and some soup. It was fun.

We are working with the mission president's wife to organize a Thanksgiving dinner the end of the month for all the missionaries. There should be about 60 people altogether. A few missionaries that serve too far out of the city will be celebrating in their service area of Kalingrad with the senior couple there.

We toured the Strogonov Palace in downtown St. Petersburg but I forgot my camera! It's actually quite small in comparison to Catherine's Palace but amazing transformation from what it once was.

A few weeks ago we went out to lunch with another senior couple to a restaurant called The Stroganoff. I wasn't aware that this is where the traditional beef stroganoff dish originated. It was very good.

We wish everyone happiness and hope all is well. We'll post more as our adventure continues.

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Love to all
Joe and Jeanie

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