Saturday, January 23, 2010


St. Petersburg has had record snowfall! They haven't had this much snow in over 130 years. It has cost the city nearly $33 million to clean up the snow to help keep the city functioning. They've been hauling snow out by the truck loads for the past several weeks.

The air is so cold because of the humidity. The temperature has been -10 to -15 c. for the past several weeks. We stay bundled up when going out. We are blessed to only have to walk about 30 feet from our apartment building to the mission office.

My sister Jill sent a box of hand warmers for the missionaries. I put them out in the office foyer and they were gone before weeks end. They were very grateful.

This past week when venturing out to the store the air has been so cold that it freezes everything inside your nose. The good part is we don't have runny noses! (until we get indoors)

A couple of return missionaries from Siberia had said the temperature is colder in Siberia but it feels colder here in St. Petersburg because of the humidity.

At home you could count on rain or drizzle every day - here you can count on snowfall. The "drizzle" here is light snowflakes.

The sun has been out more this past week, but for the last 4 weeks we hadn't seen it. Always gray, snowy clouds. Bad part is when the sun comes out, the temperature drops.

The snow may be treacherous, but it sure is beautiful.

Joe finally let me convince him to buy a "real" Russian winter hat. He bought me a fox fur hat in December but I couldn't convince him to buy one for himself. The temperatures convinced him otherwise.

The heating in our apartment is interesting. We have one wall heater in the living/bed room and one wall heater in the kitchen. Their is no heat regulator in the apartment, the tenant is at the whims of the building owners as to how much heat comes of the the heaters. (They have hot water heating.) Here recently our apartment has been very cold. We've been bundling up at night and wearing extra layer during the day.

Because I have difficulty navigating text with photos, I'm posting this description after the photos.

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