Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello Everyone!

We still have tons of snow but a few more days each week of a little warmer weather. We hope that all the snow is gone at least by the end of April. Getting real tired of the stuff!

We have been performing our responsibilities in the office, enjoying the younger missionaries and the activities involving them as well as the Russian friends we are making. They are a real joy. Very friendly and helpful. We also have become much more comfortable with the surrounding area and getting around on public transportation.

Planning on a few trips out of the St. Petersburg city to visit other little towns around St. Petersburg. Planning on a flight to Kaliningrad to visit the beaches of the Baltic Sea in May. Also, many more palaces and museums are on our "must see" list when the weather is warmer.

We traveled to Helsinki, Finland this past week and enjoyed the beautiful temple there. They had more snow than we do! The drive was about 6 hours long. The countryside was beautiful. It reminded us a lot of Washington.

We have grown so much individually as well as a couple. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. We are grateful for this time in St. Petersburg and to see the world in a different light.

God Bless All of You.

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