Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Fontonka River Tour

Tuesday night Joe and I took another boat ride with the Clements and The Hazlewoods. (The Clement's are the CES couple that teach the teenagers and the Hazlewoods just arrived in April and oversee church humanitarian projects). The Clement's son and family arrived from America and we all went on this tour. I took a picture just coming out from under a bridge. Some of these bridges are so low you can stand up in the boat and touch underneath. According to Wikipedia, St. Petersburg has 342 bridges - the widest bridge in the world spans the Moyka River.
A tradition local newlyweds do is lock a pad lock on a railing overlooking a canal to symbolize they will be together forever. City officials have to occasionally go around and cut the locks off.
The fourth picture listed is an old prison. The tour guide stated the shoreline is original from the time the prison was in operation. During flooding season the prisioners that were housed in the basement would have to stand in water up to their necks! They are now in the process of remodeling it into a big shopping/business center.

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