Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Pics

Souvenior Shopping day with Mission President's wife Sister Podvodova (left) President Schwitzer's wife (center) and me. We are standing in front of the famous Spilt Blood Church

Look at the size of these bees over here!!

At the eye clinic we needed to go to for Joe's eye you have to put in 5 rubles into this machine to receive plastic covers for your shoes. We don't know the significance of covering our shoes because the floors are so old and cracked our shoes get more dirty walking on them then outside! We heard that the money helps supplement the doctor's pay. A close friend of ours is a brain surgeon and the bus drivers in this town get paid more then he does! Very sad!

Joe and I "Smelling the tulips" Loving Spring!!!

The new Humanitarian Couple - John and Karen Hazlewood. We are having a blast with them. They are fun to be with. It's like we've been friends forever.

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