Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello Family & Friends

Well, today (Saturday, November 14) I spent several hours getting our blog updated. While some of you have already read most of these updates, others have not. I found it easier to update everything from the weekly journals we keep and included photos. I've included a blog for the last part of September, all of October, and the first week of November.
There is a blog on another visit to Pushkin. While there we visited a historical museum that you history and art buffs might find interesting with lots of photos and descriptions. There are photos of some very old weapons that the men might enjoy (although as a woman I enjoyed them too.)
We really appreciate your devotion to reading our blog. A lot of work goes into it and when we write and take photos we have all of you in mind to share as much as we can and as if you were here.
Love to all of you!

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