Monday, November 29, 2010

Sestoretsk Visit

Joe and I visited the town of Sestoretsk Sunday to give talks and fellowship with this small branch of the Church. I've included pictures of the inside of the chapel.

Winter pictures near the bus stop we were at. It was a beautiful sunny day, but extremely cold!

The one picture shows some of the typical winter travel arrangements (sleds or intertubes).

The picture with the dog is Elder Haggard (who has also been assigned the branch president). A young lady came to church and brought her dog.

There are 3 branches that don't have priesthood leaders to operate the branches so missionaries have been assigned to not only proseltye but to run the church branches. Keep in mind these missionaries are only 19-20 years old. They are doing a remarkable job in keeping up the finances, visiting the elderly, and assisting with all other matters to the church members.

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