Saturday, September 5, 2009

Palace Square

Alexander Column

Located in the center of Palace Square. The column celebrates Alexander I victories against Napoleon. The red granite pillar is balanced by its 600 ton weight, making it the largest free-standing monument in the world. It was designed by Auguste de Montferrand in 1829. It took 2,400 soldiers and workmen two years to cut and transport the granite. The column was erected in 1830-34 and is topped by a bronze angel, and together they stand 154 feet high.

General Staff Building in Palace Square

This square is the work of architect Carlo Rossi.

The arch has a sculpture of a chariot with horses called "Victory in her chariot" (1829), by Stepan Pimenov and Vasiliy Demut-Malinovskiy.

It's still used today for political meetings and rock concerts.

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