Saturday, September 5, 2009

Walking around St. Petersburg - Various photos

We took these photos of random buildings and historical sites which we've indicated next to the photos below this blog. We found a "Chocolate Santa" on the sidewalk leading into the Chocolate Shop! And to my sister Jill and friend Patti, "Yes, we will bring home some Russian chocolates for you!" We will try to bring a little sample to others as well.

We have been busy in the office and haven't had too much time keeping up on our blog.
We have attended 3 baptisms since we've been here (3 weeks). The Russian people at church are so happy and it's a honor to be among them. They have such a love for God and Jesus Christ and are so thankful to have the knowledge
of His Gospel in their lives .

Joe and I have been assisting the elders and sisters in discussions of the gospel to their investigators. We have felt such a strong spirit of the Holy Ghost. Once we have put the worldly obligations and distractions behind us we have been blessed with a greater knowledge and understanding we ever thought possible.

Enjoy these photos and you might want to take time to Google these historical sites and learn more of the history. To get a more detailed view of the pictures double click on the picture.

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