Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trip

Here is an underground tunnel we walk through to get to another part of the street at a busy intersection. We went to our "Walmart" (the O'KEĐ™) on an early Saturday morning, otherwise, there would be a lot of people walking through as well as elderly women selling flowers and fruit. Joe is carrying our carts up a set of stairs. A picture of the store front, the "food court" in the small mall and Jeanie watching over the goods waiting for the bus with Joe to return home. Interesting reading materials. They post the newspaper on bill boards next to bus stops as well as advertisements for all to read during their wait.

A typical route is taking a trolley to a busy intersection about 1 mile away from our apartments, walk through the tunnel to cross under the busy intersection, come up a set of stairs to a bus stop to take the another 2-3 mile ride to the mall.
For our return trip we take a b
us from the store to the large intersection then catch the trolley back to our apartment. A typical day to this store is a total of a couple of hours of walking, shopping and transportation rides. The cost of the bus and trolley is about 50 cents U.S. each ($36 rubles for the two of us).

I took photos inside and outside of the trolley to show how old it is. It still uses the overhead electrical lines (they have city buses as well that use the overhead lines). There are buses that operate on diesel.

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