Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tour of the Hermitage Museum

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  1. Hi Joe and Jeannie!
    This is Mike Garcia and Patsy! Mike and I are the leaders of C crew! Yes I finally started the new possition! We are just sitting here at work and decided to look up your website so we can check in on you. It is 61 degrees and raining here. What do you miss most? Is it the safety meeting meals or the snow day car pools? I know for me it is the carpools! What do you love most about there? Your pictures are beautiful! You and Jeannie look great! Mike says if you find any great deals on fur hats to let us know and we'll send you the numbers of our One cards! :) He also says he hopes you are teaching some good safety stuff to the folks around there. We miss you!!! Take care of yourself and your beautiful wife!!!