Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Pictures

It's funny how Mother Nature can sometimes make you wish you hadn't wished for something. Let me explain. In early November we started getting snow flurries, little more than enough to color things white. Nearly each morning on our way to the office we would comment and chuckle oh gosh it's snowing again wish it would do something different. Wouldn't it be nice to have a change of pace. Well we actually did have a couple of days when the sun would shine enough to let you know it was still up there somewhere. Guess what? Yep the snow flurries went away and Mother Nature decided to give us a change of pace. Thanksgiving Day we got our first real snow fall and the snow has now started to accumulate. Pictures are definitely worth more then a thousand words.

November 25th Thankgiving Day

November 25th

December 7th colder more snow and this little fellow is dressed for the occasion. Taken outside of the Consulate.

December 7th waiting for our trolley for the ride home.

December 9th Picture taken from our balcony. You guessed it more snow.

December 9th Another picture taken from the balcony. Weather forecast for December 10th....3-5 inches of snow. Weather forecast for December 11th....2-3 inches of snow.

Saturday December 11th. Too much snow for the bus to take the normal route to the grocery store so we had to walk the last bit to the store.

December 11th.

Sunday December 12th Waiting at the bus stop for our ride to visit the Puskin Branch. As you can see it is still snowing.

We were invited to a member's home in Puskin after church services. Its had to tell from this picture but there is about a foot of snow. Wonder what waits in store for us between now and December 21st when winter actually starts?

Last three pictures were taken Monday morning, December 13 outside our apartment building.

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