Monday, December 13, 2010

More Random Photos

A few weeks back we went out to lunch with the new couple; the Roberts, McArthur's and Hazlewoods. Joe and I had noticed this "Rock and Roll" diner behind the Moscow hotel. It advertised the best hamburgers in the world. Well, we all decided Carl's Jr has better hamburgers, but the venue was quite fun. It reminded us a bit of "Senfield" coffee-type place. Pretty good music too
On our way to Pushkin I took a picture of this mother carrying her baby in this very warm carrier. We still see many parents pushing or pulling their children on sled-type carriers or the big wheel "buggies." But we've seen more of this type of carriers as well.

These two pictures I took this past fall. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day and I just really love the architect design on the buildings throughout St. Petersburg.

This is one of several type of granite statutes we see in the parks close by our home

Sister Hazlewood and I

This monument is in the main post office and it marks the exact center of St. Petersburg and all measurements are taken from this spot.

Last transfer day Elder Anderson was showing off his new "shopka"
I think it was hilarous!

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