Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Amigos dining

We enjoyed another evening out with the senior couples (Hazlewood's and McArthur's) as well as Igor (the mission driver) and his wife December 9.
We love this Mexican Restaurant. We ended up ordering 4 Fiesta Platters which consisted of BBQ ribs, hot wings, fajita fixins', chips, salsa, and beans/tomato salad. All very yummy. After dinner we went outside and had a snowball fight (Sister Hazlewood was the winner!)

Left side: Elder & Sister McArthur, Joe and I
Right side: Sister Hazlewood, Igor and his wife

Igor is taking this picture so he's not in it. Elder Hazlewood is far right.

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  1. I love that you all go out to dinner and then have a snowball fight. Made me smile. Congrats to Sister Hazlewood and her throwing arm!
    Happy New Year to you, Luna's. Hope 2011 is fabulous!